ET 144

ET144 is a 1989 Pierce on a Lance canopy cab chassis. A 350hp Cummins NTC350 engine
and Allison automatic transmission power this unit. ET144 has a Waterous 1000gpm pump and a 1000 gallon tank.
This unit has a top mounted control panel and was the first midship pumper in the department.
ET144 is set up as a primary attack truck and carries 1000' LDH, 300' 2 1.75 pre-connects, 1 2.5 pre-connect,
and 200' of pre-connected 2.5 which ends in a 2.5 to 1.5 gated wye in case we need a long stretch.
An Elkhart Stinger (convertible) master stream is mounted just aft of the pump panel. ET144 has a
Bullard Thermal Imager, gasoline powered PPV fan, Cutters Edge saw, LDH appliances, piercing nozzles, chimney fire tools,
4 SCBA w/spare bottles, miscellaneous adapters, a 35' and 24' extension ladder, 14' roof ladder, 10'attic ladder
in an overhead ladder rack, assorted forcible entry and engine company tools, a CO/gas meter, salvage covers,
3500 watts of lighting powered by a 6.0kw Onan diesel generator, and a Whelen warning light and siren package.
This unit is normally first due for structural assignments and second due for automobile incidents in-district.
This piece has had a flawless performance record and should serve us until at least 2015. The unit had to be
specially designed so as to fit in the close confines of our old house.