Fires are scary and VERY dangerous
They are loud and hot, and the smoke makes it very dark.
Fires hurt and destroy things in your home.
You and your family can make your home safer from fire.
Where in your home do possible fire problems exist?
What can you do to make sure you and your family are less likely to be harmed by fire?
Never put anything over a lamp, like clothes or a blanket even when playing.
Dont touch radiators or heaters, ask an adult to turn heat on or off for you.
Dont stand too close ot a fireplace or woodstove. You could get burned or your clothes could catch fire.
Never touch matches, lighters or candles. If you see matches or lighters in a room tell an adult right away.
Dont cook alone or without asking an adult. Remind your parents to turn put handles toward the center of the stove.
They should never hang over the edge where someone could bump into them and knock them off the stove.
Dont play with electric cords.
Never stick anything into an electric outlet.
Turn off lights, TV, stereos and other electrical equipment when you are done using it.


1. Try to find two ways out from every room in your home. The first way out should be a door.
Every way needs to be planned and practiced with grown-ups.

2. Before opening any door in a fire, feel the door first at the bottom and then work your hand up the door
to see if it is hot. A hot door means there may be fire on the other side. Try to get out another way.

3. Stay low to the floor when escaping a fire.

4. If you have security bars in your home, make sure you know how to open them in case you need to escape from fire.

5. Pick a safe and easy to remember place outside the home to meet your family after you get out.

6. After you get out call 911!!

7. Stay outside no matter what! Dont go back for anything!


Smoke alarms are tools that can tell if there is smoke in the air. They work even if you cant smell the smoke.
A smoke alarm looks like a small plate or dish on the ceiling of your home.
A smoke alarm makes a very loud beeping noise to warn you that a fire has started.
When you hear the loud noise follow your escape plan and get out fast.
How You Can Help;
Kids can help make their homes safer from fire by helping grown ups remember to:
Put smoke alarms in your home, especially near bedrooms.
Test smoke alarms monthly to make sure they are working, and so youll know what it sounds like if it goes off.
Replace old batteries with new ones at least once a year.
Keep smoke alarms free from dust. You can clean away the dust by using a vacuum cleaner attachment over and around them.