The following should answer any questions you may have.
If you do not see the answer to your question please feel free to contact Kevin.

1. Renters and users of the facility agree & accept responsibility for all damages that occur during the
rental period. The renter of the facility is responsible for any damage caused by their guests or
anyone they allow to use the facility during the hours they have use of the hall or pavillion.
A security deposit is required before use of the facility is granted.

2. The refundable security deposit and rental fee is required at the time a date is scheduled to hold the
facility for the date requested. The deposit is $50.00 and will be returned by mail after the facility is
inspected for damages and cleanliness. The facility shall be left in the same clean condition in
which it was found when the keys were turned over to the renter.

3. The rental fee is $150.00 and is required with the deposit in one check or cash for a total of
$200.00. This will confirm and hold the facility for the date requested. The key can be picked up
48 hours before the rental date and must be promptly returned, before the deposit is returned.

4. NO alcoholic beverages are allowed on the West Stafford Fire Department property due to liability
concerns. NO smoking is allowed in the building. NO use of Medical Marijuana is allowed on the property.

5. Renters and their guests are not allowed in the apparatus bay, offices or training areas. Renters
and their guests have access to the bathrooms, kitchen and public areas.

6. Renters and their guests are not allowed to park in front of truck doors or parking spaces reserved
for firefighters in the front or rear of the firehouse. Also, no one is allowed to block the driveway.
Grass areas in the rear of the firehouse can be utilized for parking.

7. Telephones are for energency use only and will not be used for personal calls.

8. When renters and their guests leave the facility, they shall turn off the lights they turn on and will
set the thermostats back to 65 degrees during the winter. 80 degrees during the summer and assure
all the doors are locked. They will also turn off the gas if they used the stove.

9. Renters or their guests will not leave any food in the facility and must remove any trash they
generate during the use of the hall.

10. The West Stafford Fire Department is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of property of
renters or their guests. All renters and their guests are expected to conduct thenselves in a
responsible manner while on WSFD property and inside the building and protect WSFD property
they use.

For any other questions or to rent the hall or pavilion.
Please call 860-851-8878