West Stafford Fire Department

144 West Stafford Road, Stafford Springs, CT

Tower - 144


Tower 144 is a 1987 Sutphen 95' tower ladder, which has replaced a 1978 Mack/Baker Aerialscope. The Tower went into service in June 2013 after some minor repairs and upgrades. The tower carries a 100' aerial rated at 1000 pounds tip load with a waterway supplying the dual master streams, 1500 GPM pump with a 300 gallon water tank.

Tower 144 carries 201 feet of ground ladders, a 6Kw Onan Diesel generator, assorted pike poles and hooks, forcible entry tools, a gasoline powered PPV fan, Hondalite 1Kw generator/portable quartz light, K12 saw, VentMaster saw, chain saw, Sawzall, portable lighting, 1000 watts of light at the tip, 3 electric vent fans, 5 SCBA, 5 spare SCBA bottles pre-piped breathing air to the bucket, Bullard Thermal Imager, chimney fire tools including flue brushes and a Snuffer, high rise pack, Stokes basket, assorted ropes, harnesses and rigging and an assortment of salvage covers and tarps.

Tower 144 carries a gasoline powered HURST power unit, HURST Spreaders and HURST cutters. Tower 144 runs as the second unit to auto accidents for extra tools, etc.  Tower 144 is one of only 9 aerial devices in Tolland County. Tower 144 was paid for by the department through a generous donation and department money at no cost to the town. This piece of apparatus should serve us for at least the next decade, possibly longer.

Warning is accomplished by a Whelen lighting along with a Federal Q2B mechanical siren and Whelen electronic siren. Tower 144 has both UHF and VHF LowBand radios, allowing communication with various Tolland, Windham and Hartford County radio systems.